Daria Imani Warner

Hi there. I know it's been awhile since I had new pictures posted. However it was finally time to update everyone. I recently started creeping. It is very cool to be able to move around and get into everything. I've also discovered that I can hold onto things and pull myself up to a stand. That is most amazing. I keep trying to venture into that walking thing but I'm not quite up to that as yet. Anyway, after much pestering, my daddy finally got around to taking some new photos of me so that everyone can see how much cuter I have gotten. I hope you enjoy them. I guess that's it for now. See ya next time.

Oh no. Here he comes with that camera again.

This is how I look these days. I just turned eleven months old on May 8th.

Been a while but I actually kind of like this modeling stuff.

I think purple suits me.

Of course there are certain habits that one cannot easily give up.

I have to try out this new walking thing some more.

Trying to do my big girl posing.

Enough already. Do you have any idea how bright that flash can be. You're lucky I like you all.

I'm cute. Everybody knows it. Now can we please take a break.

Is there no escape?